Let Me Out

Let Me Out, 2014, mixed media, 4” x 4” each The moment you meet me you start putting me in boxes.  Male, Female, check.  Young, old, check.  White, Black, check. And then when you start getting to know me you put me in a few more boxes; unemployed, student, professional, heterosexual, homosexual, single, married, divorced,…

Connie Barbie

Connie Barbie, 2014, digital manipulation, 20″ x 20″ The end figure is all me (except the hair) – tweaked and transformed. Click here for a great article – Barbie, Meet ‘Average Barbie’   

Founding Mothers

Founding Mothers, 2012, digital manipulation, 8″ x 13″ This really isn’t a feminist stab at the fathers of our nation …  just a fun WHAT IF.  Click on images to enlarge.