2014-2015 Portrait of a Woman Series

Medina.Connie03tn Medina.Connie08tn Medina.Connie01tn Medina.Connie14tn
Medina.Connie09tn Medina.Connie07tnsq Medina.Connie02tn Medina.Connie10tn
Medina.Connie13tn Medina.Connie04tn Medina.Connie18tn Medina.Connie12tn
Medina.Connie11tn Medina.Connie05tn Medina.Connie06tn Medina.Connie16tn


DSC_0002 lucky13 eye 9b
photo (18) Robodonna barbie rosie13


lightbulb13 Coors Field coke13 14th & Wynkoop, 2013, Mixed Media, 49%22x40%22
Now Love Tested Acceptance

 2012 & older

ww12 worship12 scan0007 mothers12



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